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July 5th, 2013, 08:54 AM
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Thank you guys! I know I can get pregnant right away but I still worry about the IUD getting in my way. I have absolutely NO good CM and haven't seen egg-white consistency in the past 7 years I have had it. I am pretty regular and since its the copper with no hormones... it should be an easy transition. I do worry about the damage the IUD may do, my cervix and implantation. It's been in there a LONG time. We plan to use boy making techniques so I think I will just take it out as soon as I can, and use condoms til I ovulate in August/September and I have some time to kind of let things heal and relax down there. lol

Thanks! This was my first post! Glad to be back into the TTC game and hoping this time around... its FAST! I TTC for 2 years with my first girl (clomid baby) and my second girl came out of no where right after. Thought I was done with babies til my husband and I thought about adoption 2 years ago, approved, licensed and waiting... but adoption is just taking soooo long. We figured my husband was sterile so we had an SA a few weeks ago and to our amazement, he is fine... now that we know we have options... here we go TTC!
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