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July 5th, 2013, 11:05 AM
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I don't have much experience in this myself because I'm expecting my first born in 11 days time (if she decides to come out on time). However, I can tell you what my parents did for my brother and I.

My Dad was a picky eater growing up as a boy while my mother loved just about anything and everything. So obviously I took after my mother while my brother took after my father. So for the most part my mother would make meals trying to accommodate all four of us which was difficult thanks to my brother. (My Dad would suck it up and eat what was given to him). How my mom dealt with this was by making something else for my brother that went with some of the stuff he liked.

For instance my Mom would make Sunday supper (cooked dinner) and my brother hated all of it besides the potatoes and carrots. So instead of forcing him to eat the chicken/turkey or other vegetables, she put on some bologna to go with his vegetables. She would do the same for me if she made something I didn't like. So I guess it's like making something different but more so she just added on more food to what was already being made. She didn't mind as long as we ate a good size meal and didn't go hungry.
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