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July 5th, 2013, 12:18 PM
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I'm personally ok with having a glass of wine now and again. I put Finn down between 8-9 at night and he always sleeps until about 2 am. So I know that if I have a glass of wine after he goes to sleep, that it'll be out of my system by the time he wakes up to eat at 2. I do keep one bottle of pumped milk in the fridge, ready to go, just in case I need it.

I'd hold off on any major workouts right now, just start slow and listen to your body, definitely don't overdo it.

I don't have much advice about your DD's behaviour, unfortunately. My daughter is 5 and she spent the first few weeks acting out a bit, but not reverting to baby-like behaviour. She was just being naughty, looking for extra attention all the time. I just made sure that DH spent as much time with her as possible so that she wouldn't feel neglected, and whenever I could I'd hand Finn over to DH so that I could spend time with her. I guess that's the best advice I can give...just reassure her that she hasn't been replaced, that you love her even if you have to spend a lot of time with the baby right now. And know that this too shall pass. It's a phase - your new baby won't always require this much attention, and your daughter will get used to him being around.

As far as continuing to have a life and go out sometimes? I haven't figured that one out. Right now I have a baby attached to my boob 90% of the time. DH has already taken DD out to see two movies that I was looking forward to seeing with them, and that totally bummed me out. I just have to accept that right now, this is my biggest priority and everything else can wait. Our babies are only babies for such a short time, and breastfeeding is one of the best things we can do for them. I've got the rest of my life to do stuff for me, right now I just have to be there for him...even if it kind of sucks sometimes.

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