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July 5th, 2013, 01:31 PM
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Aww thank you for sharing tigg. I would have had no idea! what a scary thing to go through! i cannot imagine. i was thinking while reading that story how hopeless and scared we feel in those moments, and how things usually turn out a-okay. if ever i was a doctor, i would be so darn sympathetic. i would have patients out the door. because i would reassure them as much as possible. i would never say the bad things that could happen unless it was my responsibility to prepare them in that situation. but in a situation like mine today, when there's absolutely no reason to think there is anything wrong, i would have kept my mouth shut. my obgyn is like that though at times. she can come across short and a little cold. that's her nature and that was my frustration with her in my first pregnancy. but she is such a darn good doctor. very prestigious. that i just deal with it. because i know that its better for her to be a good doctor than to be atune to my emotions. if only she could be both. i just hope and pray i have good news on monday. which im sure i will, which leads me back to being angry that she would even cause me to be stressed out about something so stupid.

your story is beautiful. and i know it has made you such a strong woman.
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