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July 5th, 2013, 01:54 PM
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Every woman is so different! I've known women who always had their babies (naturally) at 36 weeks and they were a good size and very healthy, and others who always went over 42 weeks and again, good size (not too big), covered in vernix, and the placenta looked great! That's part of why ANY induction without true medical necessity makes me nervous. How do these Dr's know whether or not this baby is going to be fully developed at 36 or 42 weeks? To assume they are "ready" just because of a date on the calender is pretty risky business, imo...

That being said - I totally hear you!! And yes, I'd have to agree that most people these days seem to *expect* a baby by 38/39 weeks. Heaven forbid they make it to their due date, or worse - Go over!! Such a terrible injustice!

BTW - since we are due so close, I've noticed your ticker has always had a smaller number of days remaining than mine. No clue why that would be since we both use lilypie

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