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July 5th, 2013, 02:02 PM
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I go completely bare as well... not really for "show" but it gets reeeallly uncomfortable down there for me if i go even a couple days without "mowing the lawn", so i dont know what im going to do in the next couple months - i am already uncomfortable as it is!
This exactly! I have this obsessive thing with body hair - I hate it. And because of this I've been bare for many, many years, so when I skip a few days or don't shave right, it gets pretty uncomfortable down there.

You should see me in the shower - leg propped up, leaning against the wall, one hand trying to hold my belly to the side, then the other hand clumsily raking my most sensitive parts with a razor. I finally got a mirror and looked - all I could see was patches of stubble along with a few perfectly shaved areas - not too pretty right now...if I was any less of a chicken, I'd definitely go for a wax job.
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