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July 5th, 2013, 06:03 PM
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Hi, ya'll! I'm new to this board (and forums in general), but it seems like a great pregnancy support system here. I'm due December 19th with my first, and my dh has turned out to be very opinionated about names If we have a girl, we want to name her Chrysanthemum (Chrys or Anie for short). Originally, the mn we had picked was Marie, but dh decided since it's my niece's mn, e need something different. Any ideas? If it's a boy, my husband wants to give him a family name, Frederick Gordon IV, neither part of which I'm crazy about. Nicknames dh vetoed include Fred, Derick, Erick, Rick, Gordon, Gordie, and Gordo. Any other nickname ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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