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July 5th, 2013, 07:21 PM
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Sharing information is just that, sharing information. It's not judging. Judging would be "hey you really suck as a parent and must be dumb for putting cereal in your baby's bottle" Saying, "just wanted to share with you that studies show that's a rather dangerous practice, we all love our babies and wants what's best so I wanted to share with you how dangerous it could be" or something along those lines. I also hate the "that's the way it was done for us and we are fine" argument. New information shows us different, and what's wrong with wanting more than fine for my kid?
Information is available at fingertips and in this day and age ignorance is a choice. Sadly though all too many people parent on autopilot, going off of the we turned out fine and my doc said to do it perspective. I speak up often, I comment on pictures I see of friends buckling their babies in improperly, I recommend people do their research on things like vaccines etc. The lady I donated breast milk to came over and her 7 week old was not strapped in safely, I told her the cushion she was using isn't safe and told her harness needs to be much snugger than she had it and helped her tighten it properly. Maybe she was annoyed with that advice, but like said above if I heard that on the drive home she got in a crash and the baby was ejected from car seat because her harness was loose I'd feel awful. I shared the information and it's her choice what she does from here on out. I'm grateful for moms that spoke up when my first was a baby, I learned a lot from them and did my research once I heard that something I was doing wasn't the best thing.
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