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July 5th, 2013, 08:53 PM
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7 weeks, 3 days

Quick update here... we went to the in-laws for a few days - to celebrate the fourth, go to an Avett Brothers concert (which by the way was AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously - check these guys out and then book tickets to the nearest concert...), and to just get away and enjoy family for a few days.

I wish I could say it was the most awesome three days ever. It wasn't. I was sick as a dog and massively constipated (sorry for the TMI). We finally snuck away and got some colace (a god send, btw). We stayed up late and slept in late -- our schedules were crazy.

The crying has also started... something little, like DH sending me into the gas station alone while he ran to starbucks... a plan that I didn't realize until I'd already started crying. See... something little turns into a little sobbing, and then I cry uncontrollably for HOURS. I. can't. stop. it. And I don't cry gracefully, so now I'm all puffy faced and splotchy and my eyes and head are KILLING me.

I marvel every day that I have a BABY growing in me... a baby that's already demanding... baby can't get enough of Aunt S's puppy chow and baby hates when grandma makes chicken after mom tells her the smell of chicken makes baby very angry and then mom pukes. I love it. I love looking at my little bean's first ultrasound picture, I love thinking that the things we're doing this year we'll be doing with a baby next year. (I hate talking about names with family... ugh.)
But sometimes... sometimes I get so frustrated that pregnancy is so hard. I hate feeling so tired all the time, I hate that I can't eat like a normal human, I hate that when DH tries to cuddle me, I feel like screaming, and I really really hate this crying crap.

I try every day to remind myself that I am carrying a very special gift within me and I remember to be grateful.

Uh. Now, I'm going to fall asleep listening to my lovely Avett Brothers play list. And hope tomorrow is a better, more emotionally stable day.
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