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July 5th, 2013, 11:20 PM
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I figure since I update on Jocelyn on her page, I just need to update on me. I've had a pretty crappy week.
Went in Tuesday (8wks pp) to get an iud. They had all kinds of trouble getting it in and finally said they thought they got it but they wanted to make sure so scheduled me for an ultrasound. Went home and started spotting, then out right bleeding. Went in today for the ultrasound and when the radiologist looked at it, he said I needed to go immediately to the doctors. So I go to the doctors and they explain that not only is the iud twisted, but it perforated my uterus and they believe it's right where my c-section scar is. So they had to pull it out befire it migrated somewhere else.

I feel like crap now. It actually felt better in than out. They said this only happens in 1 of 1000. I guess that's just the luck I have. So it looks like I'm going to try the nuvoring instead.

I am really wondering now if I shouldn't have just had my tubes tied. GRrrr...

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