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July 6th, 2013, 05:03 AM
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This is our third baby, and I'm considering how best to arrange our car seats.

If you have multiple kids in carseats, how do you arrange yours? Or are you still debating?
How would you arrange mine, if you were me?

I know I can experiment and change it up if I don't like it, but one of my two sons doesn't handle change well at all (and the other follows his lead) and I'd rather not deal with the tantrums that will follow any sort of change in the setup.

We have:
-8 passenger Sienna (can fit three across in the middle seat)
-3 year old, forward facing in a Radian (can buckle, but not unbuckle)
-4 year old, forward facing in a Radian (can buckle, unbuckle, do brother)
-baby in Grago SnugRide

Other issues:
-boys will go to preschool in the fall where I will drop them off and pick them up in a carpool line, so they will exit the passenger sliding door
-both boys really want to be next to the baby. 4 year old could actually be helpful next to baby, maybe 3 year old too.
-I'm not crazy about trying to get the infant seat in and out over their car seats (my babies are typically very chunky)
-as far as safety, I know the middle seat is the safest and have read to put your most vulnerable forward facing child in that seat (since even if you have a younger child who is rear facing, they are already so much safer since they are not forward facing).
-I could put both bigger boys in the back, but we interact a lot in the car and am not sure I want them that far away

-3 across: baby behind me, 3 year old middle, 4 year old passenger side (safest spot for 3 year old)
-3 across: baby behind me, 4 year old middle, 3 year old passenger side (most helpful spot for 4 year old)
-3 across: baby in middle (easiest access for me to baby, separate brothers, both next to baby)
-big boys in 3rd row, baby in middle
-4 year old in 3rd row, baby and 3 year old in middle

What would you do if you were me?

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