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July 6th, 2013, 05:25 AM
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Im lurking here...but don't worry about the doctor's comments and your light line. You are 4 weeks. Doctors offices actually use cheapie tests and those always give light lines this early. He/She should never has said that, just should have said, "oh we want to do a beta draw too, just to see your numbers" Now you are POINTLESSLY freaked out, as you have a right to be. Let me tell you this....with my first son, i took a test at home and it was so faint it was ridiculous. I went in and did a urine test and they told me it was negative, but they saw my hpt and said they wanted a blood test to confirm. They did the test and my number came back at 8!! Repeated the test two days later and it was 32! How completely low is that! My tests were so light you could barely see them...he is now 10 and awesome! With this pregnancy, my blood draw at 16 dpo was 774 and do you know my walmart cheapie line was LIGHT!!! I saw the light line in the early morning and panicked....then that morning they called with my number and I just laughed...cheapie epic fail! My next draw was 2700 and the line was slightly darker. YOU ARE GOOD>>>>>> digitals are so much less sensitive and you are getting positives there. no worries.......relax and enjoy your weekend while your doctor enjoys billing your insurance company for a blood draw that was not really needed.
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