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July 6th, 2013, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by NinjaCakes View Post
I'm trying not to think about it or I end up dwelling on it and crying my eyes out, but I'm so destroyed that BF still doesn't have a job. Fortunately our landlord has said he won't make us homeless - I imagine mostly because then he'd never get back rent - but our utility company is not nearly so nice. We have three days to figure out how to get $200 to keep our electric on. I don't know what we are going to do. I've been crying every day for weeks. I do not want to bring a baby into a life like this.
I can relate. We literally have only pennies left. DH hasn't worked since January, and even then it was very part time. all our credit cards are completely maxed out, and there are more bills every day. I'm scared, but DH seems to not care about the situation.

In other confessions: I did have deli meat a few times a few months ago. We have only a 2 seat truck - no where to put a car seat and no possible way of getting a different vehicle. Though if they do take baby away for weeks or longer, I will fight to get a job so we can servive. However if they by chance do not (hoping and praying baby is going to be okay!) then how will we get baby home? How will we get baby to appointments? I am freaking out more and more daily! I am scared that the prenatal depression will turn into postpardum depression. My mom had it really bad (suicidal).
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