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July 6th, 2013, 05:42 AM
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Wow! That's crazy! If her car broke down she should have called you guys to let you know about it, I mean that would be most the respectful thing to do. I'm sorry you have drive now to go get her, but I agree. It wasn't what you had planned and You want her to come now!

I ended up going to the shelter it was nice because one of my close friends who work there took me out for lunch! We went back after lunch and were busy all afternoon. So it was really nice to have the day pass fast like that. We got some real cuties in and I KNOW they wont be there long!

No plans for today. DH is going to the game store to do some tournaments. That's what he likes to do on Saturdays. So I think I will just stay home with Gabe today and be lazy and read!

I hope you have a great day today and feel better!

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