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July 6th, 2013, 11:21 AM
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PS: Though I am sad about my birth and though it was not as wonderful as the typical definition of a "natural" birth (such as I had with my previous child), I don't feel "shame" over it and I don't feel like anyone is "better than me" because they had a natural childbirth. I did what I had to do for me and my baby and I did the best I could, with my condition and emotional/mental state, to have the healthiest birth possible. If anyone is judgey at me for that, that is truly their problem. I have my own problems to deal with and that is just not one of them

and FYI, I still think natural childbirth is great and get excited for mamas who get to experience it. My feelings had not changed one iota due to me ending up needing a intervention. In fact, if anything, I feel even MORE strongly about natural childbirth now. Having has 2 "normal" hospital births, 1 natural childbirth, and 1 "high intervention" hospital birth, it really only reaffirms that my number one birth choice is natural. If someone doesn't want to have one, that's fine. Some people have had both and prefer it in the hospital. But for me, my natural childbirth was 9 billion times better than all my other births. But it's worth noting that my kids are equally awesome and equally loved, and that's more important than the birth experience itself.
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