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July 6th, 2013, 11:25 AM
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Hi ladies, I posted my birth story here:

G is here and doing very very well!! He is soooo mellow and such a good sleeper. Last night I had to wake him up to nurse and relieve my engorgement every few hours, and then after feeding he went right back out again. Right now his sister is screaming having a tantrum in another room and he is peacefully sleeping on me, totally unperturbed. He has lots of quiet alertness time too where he just looks around trying to see and making adorable funny faces. He cries at a much lower intensity level than M ever did and easily stops when his needs are met. Knock on wood, I may have one of these mythical "easy babies"!!!! Lol.

I am on bed rest so hopefully will have some time to catch up. Hope everyone is doing well!!!!

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