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July 6th, 2013, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by cooper1414 View Post
I wanted to watch the birth and see my child being born, not focusing on how much it hurts.
It's interesting how comments like this can be made to make natural childbirth sound worse, but no one ever thinks anything of it. If anyone here is thinking of trying for a natural childbirth, I want them to know you can watch the birth and enjoy the birth despite the pain (and if baby is in a good position the pushing phase doesn't hurt as much. Pushing my older two out didn't hurt at all because of the epi and pushing my youngest son out hurt a TON because of bad positioning, but pushing out my little girl was fine. The contractions and my cervix dilating so fast hurt really bad but once my body was pushing her out I felt relief. But it was hard to see her through the drug haze of magnesium and with my big belly in the way and all the swelling. I wish I could have breastfed her at birth like I did with my first 3, though. I feel like I got to "enjoy" my youngest son after birth the most because I wasn't attached to IVs and on meds and such

All in all, I think that there is judgment from ALL sides of birthing and I wish there was judgment from none. We should support people who want natural childbirths and we should respect those who don't. To be honest, I think it says more about a person how they treat their child once their child is here. How they deliver their baby or manage labor isn't so important in the scheme of things.

Oh, and for anyone who is thinking of going natural and worried about the pain, I never feel pain until transition. I feel really strong, painless braxton hips with, at most, the MILDEST of period-like cramping. When transition starts, the pain is all I can think about, it's the WORST (and I had my gallbladder out at age 15; this was worse and worse than my gallstone attacks!) but it's short. Once transition starts, baby is almost there. With my oldest, I got an epi 1 hour into transition, he was born 10 minutes later. My oldest daughter I got an epi at the start of transition, she was born an hour later. With my youngest son, he was born about 1-2 hours into transition also. My youngest was born about 45 minutes into transition. Some people experience longer transition, though, and honestly if my transition was longer than 2 hours I'd want an epi, too! In fact, I wanted an epi with my youngest son but there was none around haha. I'm glad there was none around, but IN THAT MOMENT you want the pain to stop. I would have had to had a natural childbirth with him anyway though because I was 7cm before contractions started, and most hospitals won't give an epi after 7cm.
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