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July 6th, 2013, 12:38 PM
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Girl, take at least a week and 3 gallons of ice cream and don't even process being a big girl!

Do you know how fast I tried to be "Strong and Adult and DOING GRIEF THE RIGHT WAY"? Do you know how miserably you fail when you try that? It's ok to take a few days to just wail and be mad and then do it all over again in a few weeks or few months. It's grief and it's a loss no matter how you word it. I only mention it now so you don't have to think of any of it on your own. I'll even look up some clinics in your area if you want and see who offers free egg banking

My mom kept her ovaries but they didn't continue working. They hoped that they would keep producing estrogen and they could just take the uterus but they just stopped anyways, so I would definitely look into egg banking before just in case
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