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July 6th, 2013, 12:41 PM
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I figured you meant well. You left such a nice and encouraging message on my birth story. I think it's just a misunderstanding anyway. I wasn't offended by anything on the NCB board. To me, it wasn't a good birth, so when someone says that it doesn't bother me, I think they are just trying to validate how *I* feel, if that makes sense. But it is ALSO nice to have people tell me that my birth was good, even if it wasn't good *to me*. Like I said, I have a lot of feelings about the birth. I was worried though that some things I have said because of those feelings might have come across as snobby, when that's not how I see it. I'm glad I haven't said anything to offend you Thank you for caring about my birth, my daughter, and me. It helps to know there are other people who have been through the same or similar.

The nurses do make a difference. Even though this was my worst birth, it was my best hospital experience. There were a couple bad nurses, but the rest were AMAZING. I agree, I did walk away with something from all of this. New experiences I can share and new ways I can help others. I still wish it had turned out the way I had hoped, though. It's especially hard since this was my last birth. But the end result is most important: my daughter and I are okay. I do have a lot of additional stress with her being preemie, in NICU, breastfeeding/pumping issues, and things we have to look out for moving forward. It may be a few years yet before I feel at peace, and I just hope that I can still enjoy these few years without them being dampered by the struggles we face and the struggle that lie ahead.
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