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July 6th, 2013, 12:51 PM
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Hi Nicole!!! M is doing about as well as expected. I am really glad she has preschool because home has become (temporarily) a place with lots of No's, don't grab the baby, don't jump on the bed, don't take mommy's walker away, etc. And at school she can run wild and everything is designed with a child her age in mind, all their little rituals are the same, etc. She always comes home in a really good mood. I am also glad that DH is such an involved co-parent and my parents have been so involved too, because they have to do 99% of the care of M since I am laid up, but she is very accepting of that. Basically I think she/I are lucky that she has these "alloparents" or other trusted caregivers besides mommy. I try to tell her that I hurt my legs and bottom from getting the baby out of my belly, and I will be okay, but I have to rest and be gentle right now so I can get better. I think she understands a lot more than one might expect. Maybe not in the way an adult would understand it, but she gets the main idea. And I think she likes being treated as a serious person and things explained to her like that. However, it doesn't stop her natural rowdiness from taking over often and she just has a lot of energy. DH has her out on a hike with my dad right now and he played with her most of the morning. I came out and sat at the table for breakfast but she was taking my walker, climbing on my chair and trying to climb up on me, spilling my cereal bowl, etc so it was sort of a mess. I try hard to talk to her and ask her questions about fun things she did that day and tell her I love her and give her hugs and kisses. But the bed rest and SPD thing is definitely interfering with me spending much time with her right now I wanted to give her more time, and with G being so easy, if I was in better shape, I would definitely be spending more time with her. But despite the lack of mommy time, she has been doing pretty well. Since we came home she has been throwing more tantrums but I think that is pretty normal and just her working out her anxieties and emotions from the transition, they are mostly over very random tiny things and don't last very long. Long answer to a short question

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