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July 6th, 2013, 01:06 PM
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When we had our third baby, my first was 3 and my second had just turned 2. Neither the 2 nor the 3 year old could fasten or unfasten their own straps and our 3rd row doesn't have top tether anchors for FF carseats, nor does it have LATCH. Because the seat installation would have been less safe, and because it would have been so much more difficult for me to get to the 3rd row to fasten them in and remove them, we had to keep all 3 in the middle row, and the only way to make that work in our Toyota Highlander was 2 radians FF on the outboard seats and the infant carrier RF in the middle. I would have preferred to have my 2yo in the middle, but couldn't make the arrangement work and get a good snug carseat installation. Both girls did really well sitting by their infant sister. But, when I needed to switch her from an infant carrier to a RF convertible, I couldn't fit the 3 across anymore. Luckily, my oldest was over 4 by that point and also well above the height and weight guidelines for a booster and had learned to fasten her own belt, so I put my 4yo in a booster in the 3rd row and my 3yo and 1yo in the middle (one FF, one RF) but I still couldn't use the middle seat because 1. the RF convertible wouldn't allow me to move the drivers seat back far enough without pushing on the seat and compromising the angle and her safety, and 2. With the RF seat on the far passenger side, I didn't have enough room on the middle seat to get the FF Radian properly installed, so, for about 9 months my 4yo had to just climb over the back of the seats to get to the 3rd row. Now, both of my older daughters are big enough to be in the 3rd row and fasten themselves in, and my 20 month old is RF in the middle row passenger seat. The new baby will go in middle row, too.
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