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July 6th, 2013, 01:34 PM
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We have tommee tippees and they didn't work for Corbin. We have the Calma nipples and they are awesome. He has to suck to get any milk and it comes at his flow. It took some practice learning how to feed him though. If they suck hard enough they can fill up the nipple without swallowing. So we let him suck and then slowly slide the nipple back and he swallows like he would if he were nursing. I let my MIL feed him and she ended up spilling my precious breastmilk all over the place because she didn't let him swallow. Then ended up blaming the nipple and said we need new ones.

I'm guessing that other babies may not have this issue as Corbin is still learning the whole suck/swallow/breathe deal. The bottle did teach him how to suck properly though although he only transfers this over to breast less than 50% of the time since his latch onto me is still pretty weak.

Anyway I highly recommend them but they are expensive. The 5oz bottle with one nipple is $16.99 at buybuybaby, just one nipple is $14.99 and the 8oz bottle with two bottles but one nipple is $19.99 (we bought one of these sets to store my pumped milk in. It is also in 3 parts so washing one every feed is really hard. We currently have 3 and this makes it easier.

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