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July 6th, 2013, 05:29 PM
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Ive been tracking my ovulation and ive gotten good at telling when i ovulate. Since January when ive caliclated ovulation i get certain symptoms about that time. so i can tell when my body is. Last month my period was late. Positive test. two days later. Negative test. Period Came on a Thursday and stopped by Saturday. Very light that Sunday. This month I should have started on the 7/1 but nothing. Negative test again. Tested again 7/5. Negative test. Still no period but today 7/6 I feel pressure and mild cramping in my lower abdomen. Kind of like period cramps but still no period. Can I be pregnant even thgh the test are negative? Each pregnancy is different I know but with my son I found out at 8wks and was very sick and had cold like symptoms (I actually found out after going to the walk in for an unbearable cold I thought I was getting). Immediately after my breast grew, i had morning sickness (entire pregnancy) and I started showing by 13wks! I'm not having any symptoms other than a little nausea but that could be anything. The only odd thing is this feeling right under my rib cage that I can equate to the feeling of a baby's foot under your ribs. Lol way to early for that but can you feel your uterus expanding? Last month before my missed/late period I thought I had implantation bleeding the week before, dizziness, nausea, headache, and fullness of my breast. I was just sure I was pregnant (especially after the spotting) then it all just went away after a week.

Anyone else experience something similar with negative test and no period? Not sure if I should wait another week or make an appt.....
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