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July 6th, 2013, 07:10 PM
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Hi Ladies,
I have been a little bit quiet the last couple weeks, so I thought I would update you guys!

I had an appointment with my nuerologist on June 28th, and we went over the results of my latest MRI. There have been no changes in the last 18 months! So that was fantastic news. However, she wants me to try a new steroid that is not breastfeeding-friendly. Before I got pregnant I was doing a weekly injection into the muscle of my legs. It gave me some pretty yucky side effects. This new treatment is taken orally so YAY no more shots. But, I had to give up on breastfeeding

I have been feeling a lot of mom-guilt over giving Grayson formula. Especially because he has had a really hard time adjusting to it. He is very gassy, spits up a lot, has reflux. Ugh. I have cried a lot over it. I am glad that he got 4 solid weeks of breastmilk but I was really hoping he would be able to have it the first year.

I started feeling pretty down and having a lot of post-partum anxiety. (Thinking that something terrible was going to happen to Grayson now that he is on formula... because I know how amazing breastmilk is). So I have started my anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety medication. That seems to be helping so that is good.

So he has been a lot fussier lately. It has been pretty exhausting. I hope you ladies are having an easier time than I am.

I will try and be around more. Hopefully we can find a formula that he feels okay on so I am not having to hold him 24-7.
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