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July 6th, 2013, 08:12 PM
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Hmmm. Iz just confuzed! Lol.

I saw your "not a natural childbirth" post as a post looking for support for YOUR feelings about YOUR birth, not a judgement on anyone else for their form of birthing. And responded as such. I didn't see anyone on that thread getting judgey on what is or isn't a natural birth.

I would be one to talk anyway. I have had progressively more invasive births, my last two would not be considered "natural" by what I have always known the word to mean (med, intervention free). But I am actually MORE proud of how I contorted myself when the circumstances weren't ideal. But that's ME! I make no judgements on how someone else's birth goes. Or how they choose to handle it.

But I think some of the latter comments were highly offensive. I wish all women could get the birth they it a c-section, a v-bac, a home birth, or anything in between. And wishing someone a birth that is not what they want it to be simply to "knock them down a judgement peg" is just uncalled for.

It seems all is getting worked out. I am glad all involved are clearing the air. But I see why the post took some folks to the defensive. Especially some of the comments.
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