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July 7th, 2013, 01:02 AM
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I'm due Sep 27th and plan to take an inclass ASL class. It's two days a week, for two hours each of those days. Since I've taken a year of ASL in the past I'm not worried about actually learning the material. However, I am worried the teacher may mark me down for attendance or something. I figure if I miss a week or two, I'll still know enough to get at the very least a B. Jake will be able to be home with baby while I'm at class, and honestly he's happy to get one on one time alone with newborn baby boy.

For your situation though I'd be wary. I'm only taking this course because I've taken a full year of ASL before in high school. If it was the first time taking it, I'm not sure that I'd go for it. Can you talk to the professor before the class begins to talk about this?

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