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July 7th, 2013, 04:28 AM
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Originally Posted by LadyGamer View Post
Both are in the States, actually... and I am still really grumbly at Canada for not being able to find any maternity stuff outside those two stores. Even Sears and the Bay don't have maternity sections!!! WTH.

As for this question, I haven't gotten any yet. 1. I don't know where to look to get my size and 2. I don't know what size I'll need when my milk comes in.
Sears has a maternity section but not all of them do. I checked the one at Yorkdale and didn`t see anything at all, but the Eaton Centre does. I`ve not checked it out though, neither did I check the Bay over there, which is lazy of me given that I actually work right downtown.

I had a friend who bought a bunch of maternity clothes at Forever 21 a year and a half ago, but when I went there they said they weren`t selling them anymore.

Most of my casual clothes I got at Old Navy. My work outfits had to be dressier so I got those at Thyme and Motherhood Maternity. But like you said, there`s not too many options here. I`m not particularly fond of the two overpriced nursing tops I purchased - it`s not clothes or colours that I`d normally wear but I guess they will have to do. They did have a very good selection of bras though. The people at Thyme (at Yorkdale) are always very helpful and will provide you with tips on what size to go with. The service at Motherhood Maternity (Yorkdale) was rather poor.
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