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July 7th, 2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Spyctre View Post
How do I feel about it? It hurts my feelings! Lol

You read so many things about endorphins and not drugging the baby that it's almost the "best" way to deliver. Since I tried for some intervention and it failed, it's like being told I still wasn't good enough.

My first birth was so bad I ended up with PTSD, but I can't even say I did my best to some people. I was full of meds, full of an epidural that wore off during the pushing, but to some it isn't good enough. Not the "best."

My second was so hard, but I did it. And it doesn't fit the list because my birth doesn't start with me waking up to my water spontaneously breaking. I deserve my crotch victory!
you do deserve your victory, in my opinion a birth with a failed epidural is worse than any 'natural' vaginal delivery. As a doula I see the difference at my births, the mamas who decide to go with out pain meds (with or without induction) are set in their mind that the pain is only a stepping stone and much more capable to deal with it than those who have it in their minds to get pain relief. The reason isn't because one is stronger than the other, just a mind set, if you expect pain relief only to get a moment of it, or only have it on half your body or whatever then you are not equipped to deal with that... and that makes your birth HARDER, not easier, not even the same. Good job to you for all you went through, you totally rock! AND you had a 'super natural' childbirth.. not in a spiritual sense of course, but in the sense that your body received messages of pain relief without the actual relief therefore making it harder on you.
And birth PTSD SUCKS!!!! I had it after having a C-section with my daughter in which I felt them cut me open, and then was out for the actual birth.... you did great mama!
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