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July 8th, 2013, 08:34 AM
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Your Name - Brandi

Baby's Name - Liam

Baby's Age - 10 mos.

Baby's Latest Milestones - crawling/cruising

How are you and baby doing? Very well, overall!

Describe you baby's personality to us! Liam is just such a joy! Usually always a happy baby, unless he's which case, he wants to be held and sang to while he wrestles around and digs his toes into you til he falls asleep. Smiles constantly! Has learned to communicate his frustration/anger when you take something away that he wants (temper, temper). Also very tender-hearted - I've learned this when telling him "no" for certain things. For instance, batting at my hand as I'm feeding him and causing the food to fly everywhere or pinching/biting. Should I return it with a, "No, Liam!", he will often get his feelings hurt, the bottom lip will tremble, and he will look at you with those huge blue eyes and begin to cry.! I'm such a sucker!
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