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July 8th, 2013, 10:30 AM
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I had a BC oops last weekend. We had sex and then I was 24 hours late with taking the minipill. I wouldn't stress too much usually but this happened midcycle right around ovulation would occur.

Well yesterday and today I have been having some cramping in my side (which could be related with AF coming in the next week), but I have been also having some other pregnancy type symptoms (very gassy, bloating, dizziness, and even some queasiness). I am also exhausted (could be related to my teething baby). And today, I had some eggs for breakfast, and I couldn't even finish them. I threw them away into my trash can at work and oh my the smell is making me feel yuck. My co-worker couldn't even smell them.

PLEASE! PLEASE! tell me I am just crazy and psyching myself out.

Christy - Mom of 5

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