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July 8th, 2013, 11:51 AM
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The boys were one month old on Friday. I had an update typed up but DH's parents have been here so I never got around to posting it.

Anyway at their one month check-up Nolan was 7lb 8oz and 21 3/4 inches long and Corbin was 6lb 5.5oz and 22in long. Nolan's doing great. Corbin as I've talked about before just won't gain weight. He was 6lb 13oz at birth. :/ So I had all but given up on Corbin BFing. I was going to pump for him, actually both until Nolan decided he missed BFing too much. Then Friday night middle of the night all of the sudden Corbin decides he wants to latch AND eat. Ever since then he has been doing it off and on. We're still offering him about 2oz at each feed since that's about what he was eating when we were bottle feeding him but sometimes he doesn't eat it. So I thought maybe he wants to BF after all but I thought it was too good to be true for him to gain weight... so I weighed him this morning...

7lb 5oz!

What the heck Corbin?!?! NOW you decide it's time to eat and gain weight?! Let's just hope that this isn't a fluke and he continues. We go back in two weeks but when we left the drs office we were basically at the point of I was going to pump as much as I could but he was likely going to end up on formula. Our pedi is very supportive though and supported me continuing to try and BF him.

I really hope this is the turn around that Corbin needed and we can continue to successfully BF.

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