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July 8th, 2013, 12:22 PM
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So, I realize that we have had tons of name threads but I am really at a loss and need some help. We had a boy name picked before we ever found out the gender but now that I know he is a boy, I'm worried that since this is a name he will have FOREVER, I need it to be the right name. DH is Blake and his brother is Brandon and their dad owns a company called BnB so the name really needs to start with a "B" if at all possible but I don't want a junior by any means. Our original pick is Bentley and I was totally in love with it until I found out he was a boy. DH still loves it and hates anything else that I throw out there.

I'm so worried that he will be made fun of, because of his name. Example:

"Your Parents couldn't afford a real Bentley so they had you?"
"Hey Bentley, Where is Mercedes?"

I'm just paranoid that it sounds pretentious.

Is this valid??? My daughter is named Peyton, in case that helps any.

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