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July 8th, 2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Zoes_Mommy View Post
That is a tough situation to be in I hope O talks to you guys so you can figure out whats going on. I have had situations like that with my DD where she would say she didnt want to go to her dad's house but didnt want to tell me why and I always re assure her I will not be mad and she will not be in trouble no matter what it is and usually after reassuring her she will talk. Hope you guys figure things out!
Originally Posted by Wisey View Post
I hope for O's sake she gets her act together.
He had a really really good week with us. The first couple days he was a bit emotional, but we sat down with him, had a nice talk, and moved on.

We went to the water park, we went to the lake twice, and we went out to his grandmas. His 3 cousins came here for two nights. It was a crazy fun week!

His mom picked him up yesterday at 6, and I just hope he has a good week with her. He was asking if his cousin on her side could come over and she said maybe so hopefully that happens.

Still didn't get anything out of him. I read through all the medical paperwork we have of BM's, where all she talked about was how she needed to stay sober for her son and it made my heart ache for O. She literally admitted to hurting herself, and self medicating with alcohol and opiates. She has had TWO dui's in the past (before O was born) and I dont understand why she would risk everything she's gotten back for a glass (bottle) of wine.
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