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July 8th, 2013, 06:02 PM
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Your Name - Michelle

Baby's Name - Kyah

Baby's Age - 9 months 3 weeks

Baby's Latest Milestones - crawling/cruising/standing/dancing, waving, clapping, clicking her tongue, playing patty cake, saying "hi", bye bye, milk, mama, and several other words. I had to edit because Kyah is walking!!! She couldn't be more proud of herself and I am very proud of her <3

How are you and baby doing? I'm doing fine although I often feel very stressed (I try not to but that seems impossible at times). Kyah is doing great! She is learning new things every day and is very social with our family. She has developed a bit of stranger anxiety, but that is totally normal.

Describe you baby's personality to us! Kyah's nickname is "mama" for a reason, lol. She pretty much runs our house. Her siblings adore her and give in to whatever she wants pretty much all the time unless it is something that could hurt her. She has her Daddy wrapped around her finger, and he too gives into whatever she wants. She is a very sweet baby and LOVES to cuddle. She is very playful and always ready to play! She is our baby, and we don't know how we ever survived without her!

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