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July 8th, 2013, 08:08 PM
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Wow, there's lots of positive stuff going on here, congrats to all the successful pregnancies..woohoo!! Way to lead the way for the rest of us! I've been quietly watching everyone, as we're just doing a freeze all this time and letting my body rest before doing an FET in August/Sept, but so excited to see all the successes on here!

Congrats Jennifer! Fingers crossed that it's twins!!

Yay Mandy! We can't wait to learn your beta #s!!

Leah - All my fingers and toes are crossed that those lines get darker!! You deserve it honey

Tina - How did your transfer go?!?

Sarah- good luck tomorrow! Keep us posted.

Shana & Melissa - Welcome...Let's hope this round brings you your babies!!

Brooke - follicles can grow 1-2mm per day, so you may well end up with lots of mature follicles in two days, plus the time from the trigger (36 hrs). 18-20mm is considered mature. But our doctor said even 12mm follies can have a mature egg inside.

AFM - I was freaked out yesterday because they moved up my ER to tomorrow, afraid that we'd lose out on maturing some of the smaller follies, but once we saw the numbers were similar to the last round, we're hoping for 5-6 embryos to freeze. This is our last round that insurance will help pay, so our fingers are crossed!! We have about 23 follicles (ouch!), so who knows?!?!!

Baby dust to all!!!
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