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July 9th, 2013, 08:24 AM
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Hahaha one shoe on and one shoe off!

The rain this year is crazy! Its making up for last year!

So I had my dental surgery this morning, a molar pulled and a bone graft performed. In a few months I'll have an implant put in. My whole jaw is starting to hurt as the freezing is wearing off. Anyways, my mom was unable to get the day off work and my sister was unable to switch her shift. So my dad watched Cam. My surgery was at 7am, so my dad came at 6:40. Cam was still asleep. I left breakfast out for him, told him he'll have to change his diaper but it should just be pee, and to throw his pj's back on. My youngest brother is 20 so my dad hasn't changed a diaper in AT LEAST 18 years. Cam ended up sleeping till almost 8am and poop exploded both out the legs and up the back LOL. He's only done that one other time in his life!!! I felt soooo bad for my dad but he handled it well!!!
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