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July 9th, 2013, 09:52 AM
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Hello Everyone. Im writing this post because it seems as you ladies can be more supportive than some of my family and friends. i am currently a senior in college, plans were to graduate December 13.

i recently found out that i was pregnant. yes we all ake mistakes but we truly dont weigh the consequences in the moment of action. i had been celebate for a long time before this summer and he walks into my job searching for an iPhone charger... smh

We had a great conversation, great first time connection, and we talke for a week and next the sex came along. I told him I was pregnant. He didnt give me the reaction I was looking for. Since we have barely known each other for six weeks, I thought he would be angry and just say get rid of it. Instaed we talked it out and my reliigious views trumped all.

I cant live with knowing i aborted a child. I dont give life so i feel like i cant take it away. I am very cyncial now when it comes to my future. i dont want to be stuck at Walgreens , living pay check to pay check, and struggling to make ends meet. i dont want my two degrees to go to waste either. I wanted to go back to school, Law School to be exact. Another thing is athough he said h would man up and do what needs to be done, Imm afraid he will just walk out.

I feel like a major disappointment to family. I almost made it out of college... I find myself very down. I just want to know that my life isnt over and that i can still complete law school and provide a great living for e and my child.
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