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July 9th, 2013, 10:49 AM
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8 weeks, 0 days

Symptoms: Puking consistently every morning. Doesn't matter if I eat crackers before getting out of bed or not... within two hours of waking, I heave. I usually feel better after that, but still get nauseous pretty frequently.

Also, sleeping is getting to be a chore - last night, I woke up at 3 AM ready to start the day... ugh. I was finally able to fall asleep again at 6:30. So thankful that first trimester is happening during summer vacation.

Oh, and colace has been my bff the last week. So glad things are coming out normally now.

Weight: -6 lbs ... about 1/2 lb from a total loss of 20 lbs since February.

Cravings: Pickles, Peaches, and Rice -- honestly, aside from saltines, that's most everything I eat. DH got me to eat some meatballs the other day and I can handle black beans pretty well. I'm totally worried I'm not getting enough protein...

Aversions: Bread, Chicken, and most other meats.... oh, and watermelon.

Baby Update: Apparently little baby with it's little arms and leg buds is starting to move around. While I can't feel anything yet, it's nice to know that baby is on it's way to being even more baby-like!

DH Update: He's a doll. It's pretty cute to see him prepare for this baby. He's updating some financial stuff to set us up better for baby. And he's starting to know what he can do to help me when I'm so sick. Ah, such a sweetie!

Appointments: I was supposed to have an u/s on Thursday, but when we stopped by the dr's office to have my blood pressure checked, we stopped to see if we could switch the u/s to Wednesday since we're going to see DH's grandma on Thursday. The receptionist informed us that whoever made the original appointment did NOT code it as an u/s and the u/s room is now booked until next Tuesday. I was pretty heartbroken, but I should be 9 weeks by then and baby will be a little more exciting to look at, right?!?!

As for my BP... my systolic number is in the 'prehypertension' range... but it was lower than it had been the week before. We just have to monitor it. The good news is that my diastolic number is well within the normal range. It dropped drastically from the first appointment. I'm kind of wondering if it's more stress related than anything -- doctors offices make me antsy. Hopefully next week, my top number will be better.

Last but not least in this update: I'm emotionally feeling much more stable than I was the other day. Even though puking daily sucks, it's still great to know that I'm experiencing normal symptoms! I seriously love this little baby. And I'm grateful for being pregnant. I'm also learning that sometimes, I just need a nap to calm down...
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