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July 9th, 2013, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by ~~Que~~ View Post
Oh my. What a mess. Some people don't understand that natural childbirth isn't always about the pain or "feeling" birth. Most women who have epidurals "feel" the births of their children. Natural childbirth is about allowing your body to do what it is a normal physiological process without intervention. I have had two natural births and two vaginal births with medical assistance. My inductions, with meds due to pre-e, and my epidurals were not natural because my body did not introduce those things on it's own. But I am not ashamed of my interventions, and I am thankful to the medical assistance I received because I needed it. What many women don't understand is that every birth is not a medical emergency. Birth is actually very rarely a medical emergency. But saying that you had a natural birth just to be able to say it when you didn't is a lie. Some people care too much about fitting in with a certain crowd. Some people do judge others. Moms are the worst and we are so critical of each other, it's disgusting. Own up to the birth you had. Make choices that you are confident in. Do not live your life apologetically. And support your friends in the choices that they make even if they are different from yours.
Hear Hear! I had something similar written up but felt like I was way too hormonally charged when I wrote it, so I deleted it Well put!

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