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July 10th, 2013, 05:09 AM
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Update: Still no period and it is now Wednesday. I have started potting though it seems, it is usually a dark brown/pink coloring that streaks the toilet paper as I wipe. (Sorry for tmi) I have not felt the usual types of painful cramps that I always get when I am getting my period which is odd because if I was getting it, I would be feeling them right now. I occasionally feel maybe a slight cramp but it is so light that it feels like a flutter or sense of pressure and then it is gone. I just took another pregnancy test soon as I woke up and it is negative. It was one of those 88 cent ones from wal-mart.

Still getting the occasional nausea, the dizzyness and vertigo is still intense at times. Yesterday I felt so overheated that sweat just poured off of me and I had to jump in the shower to cool off. I just hope I am not crazy because I do feel like I could be pregnant. I keep wanting to hold my hand over my stomach and sometimes whenever I feel like my stomach is gonna get bumped I try to cover it with my hands instantly without a second thought like it's instinct.

Not sure how long I should wait til I test again? If I am pregnant I should be around 4 weeks or so.

Originally Posted by acchickpea View Post
They do sound like pregnancy symptoms but people can get those symptoms confused with the start of a cycle or a stomach virus...
Drink plenty of water and good luck witth your tests!
If your body is regular like clock work then it could be possible!

I am drinking as much water as possible. Thank you *hugs*
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