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July 10th, 2013, 07:23 AM
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I will say this.....

everyone has their own opinions and of course what they choose is always the best.

For me I know what I would like to have happen for birthing, but I would not sit there and be some high and mighty I will judge everyone else who didn't do it like me.

People like that put such a bad taste in my mouth.

I wished I could have a homebirth and I was told by some all natural crunchy people that I can, doesn't matter what the doctors say, they aren't open minded and they just want things on their schedule.....

well with that baby.... had I forced it and done a homebirth, I very well could have bled out and and died at home since he did come all natural, no meds nothing and within 10 minutes of birth I started to hemorrhage very bad. I was near passing out and all. Thank goodness I was at the hospital cuz they were able to get the meds I needed and everything else done right away. So those who were on that crunchy/natural is the only way wagon were SO wrong!

Now with that being said.... I have had a births that were great experiences with an epidural and great experiences with everything totally all natural. On the flip side I have had horrible experiences with births that were with an epidural.

For me personally all natural would be my preferred route, would I judge others who don't do it my way no.

Some people don't have a choice but to have a csec.... I understand. I don't understand elective csec, but I would guess those who choose them are aware of the risk as well. For me I would want to avoid a csec by all costs as I wouldn't want the recovery, nor does the thought of being on a table strapped down and awake during a surgery appeal to me.

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