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July 10th, 2013, 10:18 AM
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I can understand where you're coming from! DH never comes up with names by himself, but he will shoot down everyone I come up with.

With our girl name, he had ZERO contributions and I am stuck on Eliza. So I pretty much decided that was what we were going with if it's a girl, and he's come around to it. He asked me the other day what middle name I would use for Eliza--Marie (it's mine, my mom's, my gma, and so on and so forth) and he said Eliza Marie is really cute.

Boy names on the other hand, I looked down an online list, read off the ones I liked and stuck with the one he said he kind of liked. I think with men they just don't "love" names off the bat?? I would pick a few you like (or one) and keep reintroducing them or calling the baby that. I think he'll come around. Logan sounds like a choice you both like (of course I love Sawyer from your list too ).

Guys just don't get the impatience or the list checking of the female-ness! I did want to throw out there that I don't think I'm one of those people who can look at the baby and just say "oh his name is xyz". I'm not sure Sawyer looked like a Sawyer as a newborn...but he didn't look like anything else I suppose either. Now, being two, I can't imagine him being anything else and his name totally fits.

Hope you guys can figure something out! There is one website I do like where you put in a list of the names you like, and it comes up with other potential names like them. Let me see if I can find it....ok it's Nymbler - Your Personal Baby Name Assistant

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