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July 10th, 2013, 10:46 AM
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1. How much have you gained? started at 155 and at my last appointment I was 173

2. Are you concerned about weight gain or don't really mind it? Concerned, not really because of the pregnancy, but when I me my DH 4 years ago, I was a fit 120. I had to go on an anti-depressant after my twins and it really packed the weight on me and I have never been able to loose it.
3. What's your plan to get back in shape after baby? Body by Vi (my DH is a member), and I want to bike or run again
4. What's one thing you are enjoying about your body right now (other than the growing baby!)? Maddie is the only thing, I am officially huge, I waddle everywhere, dont enjoy DTD , and can't sleep comfortably.

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