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July 10th, 2013, 11:11 AM
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Hi all,
I'm reposting this here, happy to join you in the July IVF

"This is my story- 25yo, DH 30, married 5 years. Both finished graduate school, have stable jobs, bought a home and ready to start a family!
TTC naturally with OPK, charting, temps, etc for 18 months. (longest months ever! I hated all the waiting and wondering.)
After testing on both of us that lasted several months, found that DH had bad numbers is all areas (count, mobility, morph) due to double vericoceles! His numbers were DECREASING with each sample. Urologist said that with his numbers IUI was a waste of time. So it was vericocele surgery or IVF! This diagnosis was so hard on my sweet DH, and still is.
As for me, mild polycystic but no other issues.
After a long couple months of discussing and deciding, we are jumping into our first IVF cycle! (with DH to have the surgery later in the fall).

We are both so excited. Just retrieved 18 eggs today (tues)! Still feeling bloated and a little crampy but otherwise great. Now just praying and hoping for growing embryos at the lab! Waiting for news tomorrow. And then implant 2 on Fri (day 3) or Sun (day 5).

Glad to have found a great forum with friendly ladies. DH is amazing through all of this, and our families are so loving, but just don't understand how hard it is! I don't have very many friends/family members who have gone through infertility so I sometimes feel all alone in the world of easy/quick/naturally conceivers with no support group!

Happy to be here. And happy thoughts to all of you!


UPDATE: Clinic just called, 16 out of 18 fertilized!! Over the moon.
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