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July 10th, 2013, 01:12 PM
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1. How much have you gained? I started at about 130, and am about 150 now

2. Are you concerned about weight gain or don't really mind it? Not really concerned, just learning how to navigate with the extra girth! DH is concerned I'm going to blow out the seams to all the clothes I'm borrowing from him

3. What's your plan to get back in shape after baby? Breastfeed, walk around town a lot, smaller portions, maybe. I will probably buy a band to suck it in for a little while. Re-register for the gym.

4. What's one thing you are enjoying about your body right now (other than the growing baby!)? I like the big ol' bump! It's kind of neat, very weird looking. I like my bigger boobs, and my nice hair and nails.
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