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July 10th, 2013, 06:04 PM
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With an induction being thrown on me for no reason in less than a week I'm a little upset, a little unsure, and really mad at the medical field for their extensive use of blanket treatment. I've been offered the cervical ripening balloons and misoprostol first, followed by pitocin if those don't work. I am seriously considering outright refusing pitocin and screw what they have to say about it. There's no call for an induction and I do not believe it is what is best for my baby.

Another reason I'm considering rejecting a medical induction is how my body is doing. I think I may be in pre labor. Unfortunately all I know is that I feel different, a lot of the things I'm experiencing I can't "verify" with any source. I know almost no women who ever experienced pre labor or labor naturally and so am not getting many answers.

I know, every woman is different. I guess I'm just hoping for a few opinions or tales of experience. At the last minute yesterday my doctor decided to check me. To both our surprise I was 4cm. The only indication I had that anything was different was that I felt sore in my lower uterus and cervix. I lost some of my plug, though no heaping chunks like what I hear about. I have been having off and on contractions which is new for me. My bowels (sorry) seem to be working overtime. I'm freaking exhausted - I have slept probably 12 of the last 24 hours and I'm still feeling nap ready as we speak. I mysteriously gained six pounds in a matter of days, which I read can be increased blood volume. Last but most striking to me, the last two days my nipples are huge and like bird dogs pointing the way home.

In the vast world of internet it seems like you get the same two answers - this is what it is supposed to be like, and its different for everyone. I typically settle for the latter but right now I'm looking for more. Of course I realize even if it is pre labor I could easily go another few weeks. I do want to base my decision on solid reasons, though. Has anyone experienced or heard of any of these as being part of pre labor, or am I grasping at straws?

Another question occurred to me. My doctor said the balloon falls out at 5cm, and given how my cervix is currently I'm wondering if they'd even bother with that or the gel,or try to go straight to pitocin. Does anyone know or would you care to speculate?

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