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July 10th, 2013, 07:45 PM
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I think you are headed in the right direction, it does sound pre-labor ish to me. With the dilation and the body taking some liberties (clearing out, catching up on sleep, prepping for nursing), I would be surprised if you even make it to the induction next week. I hope none of this even matters and you have a baby before they even mention pitocin. (I never lost chunks of plug with my three. I was also very, very tired before I had Jo...but it might have been related to her complications).

I think it is quite fine to talk to the doc about refusing an induction for the reason they are planning it. My good friend is an L&D nurse of 13 years and refused an induction for both of her pregnancies because of her controlled-GD. She gave birth at 41 weeks and then 40.3 weeks with her children, healthy and average-sized. I tend to think that she knew the risks and decided her children were better off inside versus out. Even without that experience, I think you know what your body is doing and you have every right to decide to wait. Even if you just wait a week, to get to 40 weeks. Or you come up with a compromise from the doc (like stripping membranes). It's important for your birth experience and your sense of "control" (really, just feeling involved in the decisions, not forced into them).

As for the dilation, I always heard that pitocin will be used alone as long as you have reached 3cm. So I would assume they would skip the gel or balloons, since they won't really be needed. But I am not a doc and maybe I am wrong. As long as your cervix is soft, I don't know why they would be needed.

Good luck making your decisions. It's tough to be in that place. Thankfully, I haven't been to the wire of making that hard decision (mine decide to come before I have to deal with induction pressure for my clotting issue). But it does weigh on me. And I can only imagine how you feel.

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