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July 11th, 2013, 01:15 PM
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So I've been putting of telling this story because I don't want people to think I'm nuts, but it's to the point I have to ask for some opinions on this. I cannot shake the thought that a co-worker is faking her pregnancy. Normally I would just be like whatever & not care about it, but the other week it hit me what some women do when they fake their pregnancies & I'm terrified she is going to harm me & steal my baby. Please tell me I'm nuts here.

I'm a paranoid person in general but this pregnancy has put me over the top. My husband works across the country & for a while I couldn't sleep at night because I was worried he would have an affair (have never worried about it before & he gives me no reason to worry). Now I'm worried he's going to be hurt on the job or his plane is going to crash on the way home or there. I'm also worried I'm going to get us killed in a crash to/from the airport in the insane traffic. So pregnancy paranoia to say the least.

Anyway, I have this coworker who is a liar. I have no proof she is a liar, but I know her type. I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of her mouth. From all her illnesses (cancer, sinus problems, blood problems, skin problems, lung problems, almost every time she has to work it's another sickness problem). Me pinpointing her type is not a paranoid thing. I had her number from day #1 but it didn't directly effect me so I didn't care.

One thing I did know to be true was she desperately wanted a baby. She couldn't get pregnant because of her health problems (I don't know if that's true or not). Her & her boyfriend were supposedly trying for 5 years. Well 3 of us got pregnant at my office & a few weeks after I announced mine (at 12 weeks). She found out she was. At a later date she told me she found out at 2 weeks, which we all know isn't possible, but could be chalked up to her confusing 4 weeks for 2 which a lot of women do. I've had my doubts since I've heard & waited for the inevitable fake miscarriage to happen. She did have two episodes of bleeding (on days she had to work) & went to the ER & says she was told she had a low lying placenta. Which is certainly possible.

I find it strange after 5 years of trying, you get pregnant when 3 of your coworkers are.

She did take a pregnancy test at work though & showed a coworker the test. So that's a plus, but I then read you can buy fake ones online.

There are two offices that you can go to around here for prenatal care & when I asked her who she was going to, she said her doctor is handling it. That sent up a red flag. Especially if she's high risk because of her medical conditions. I'm certain the pregnancy doctors around here would send her to a larger hospital for specialty care. I can't imagine a primary office would touch it. Ive never even heard of anybody around here staying with their primary doctor. But my Mom did tell me our primary office used to handle pregnancies.

She was expecting a jan due date but got a mid dec due date. No biggie there if her periods arent regular. But every time I ask her how far along she is she says "um like 4 months" or "like 4.5 months". When I ask her how many weeks she doesn't know. She says she's not good at math. In my experience, most pregnant women always know the weeks, it's the months we have trouble figuring out!

She has not brought in one ultrasound pic. Either have I, but it's not my first & I haven't tried for 5 years. With my first who took a year to conceive, I always took pics in. Never mentioned anything about the tests they can do at 12 weeks or even being offered them. But again, one of the obgyns around here does not do an ultrasound until 20 weeks if you don't do the 12 week test. So I asked her yesterday if she had any cute us pics to bring in. She told me she always has her ultrasounds at the er because of problems & they never give her any. Which leads me to my next one....

We have a Doppler at work & I always tell her we should try it. She refuses & says the doctor can never find the heart beat so they always have to bring in a portable ultrasound. 2 things....a) so then she obviously had other ultrasounds b) she's between 16-18 weeks now. The doctors can never find my babies heart beat either because of my tilted uterus, but that's up to like 12 weeks. At 16-18, they have to be able to find it or at least hear it moving.

She said she didn't care about the sex. But now, 3 of us are having boys & now she just wants a boy.

She was talking about some hormone level being high to another coworker & said her dr thought she was pregnant with twins & lost one. I told her that happened to me & she totally ignored me. Had that been me, I probably would've asked some questions about it.

She is starting to ask me a lot of questions about pregnancy & baby gear

She told us she bought a bunch of stuff at a yard sale for the baby, I didn't believe her (because the story was the lady wanted so much $ & she got her down a ton of $ & got more things thrown in. It was an obvious lie. & that's what I mean, she lies over stuff there is really no point to lie about), but I saw it in the back of the car. So even though I still think the story was a lie, she did buy a bunch of baby gear. But now it's been back there for weeks. Almost like she wants people to see it.

She has been looking at day cares, baby stuff, etc. at work, but she also has a nephew who's only a few months old & she adores & is very involved in his care.

I'm the lucky one who is due closest to her, is having a boy & a few blocks away. One of our coworkers is buying a house near us & I told her where I think it is & the other day she told me she was looking for it & that I probably thought she was a stalker because she rode by my house 100 times. Now today when I was in the backyard I'm pretty sure I saw her riding by again.

She knows my husband works out of town for long periods of time & that it will just be me, my 4 year old & a newborn home alone after he comes. I also made the mistake of saying I don't own a gun (she's a big outdoorsman with tons of weapons) in front of her.

We never really talked much but recently she has been sooo nice to me & we have been getting along great. I'm hoping its because she found out I'm not as close to a coworker she dislikes as she thought i was rather than she wants to get close to me for other reasons.

She does look like she's starting to show, but she's also a bigger girl. Plus, faking a pregnant belly in the baggy clothes she wears would not be hard.

Sorry so long. I just had to get it out. If anybody manages to get through the whole thing, please tell me I'm nuts. It's really starting to bother me! All I want is to see a real pregnant belly or an ultrasound pic with her name on it so I can stop freaking out!
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