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July 11th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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I've asked this before, but just wanted to check in with everyone to see how it's going. How often and how much are your babies eating? Elijah prefers to have breastmilk for the most part. He happily eats his cereal with 3/4 a jar of fruit in the morning. Then he just wants BM. The rest of the time, he is not interested in eating solids. I try at lunch and dinner time and sometimes he'll eat 3/4 a jar of a veggie, but not all the time. I just sat him down for lunch a little while ago, and he didn't want to get in his high chair, so I picked him up and asked, "You don't want to eat lunch?" He shook his head no. So cute, but shouldn't he want to eat lunch? He just wanted to breastfeed and went to sleep. I'll try again at dinner time and he might eat a little.

Can someone take a look at this chart and tell me if your babies are doing anything close to this?

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