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July 11th, 2013, 01:44 PM
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My Dr.'s office called me at 2.30 PM to tell me they have to reschedule my appt tomorrow . I had the glucose test tomorrow as well. Well long story short, they finally fit me in today at 4.15!! I have work to do here that they will be sending me later today. I had to talk my boss into letting me work from home and apologized for the short notice Doctor appt. And now I am chugging the glucola. Thank God I hadn't eaten anything or snacked after lunch and I had the glucola here at work. I am a bit miffed as this is the second time they are doing this to me. And both times its been the NP who was not available. I am glad they actually got me in my with OB today...Any how wish me luck for the glucose test !

The appointment went okay I guess. Baby's heartbeat was in the 140s. My bp was 100s/65 and I had gained 3 lbs since last month's appt. I requested the OB to palpate and check baby's position and she said she'd try but she wouldn't be able to say 100% plus the baby could still very well move. She found that the baby was laying diagonally with head towards my lower right and bottom on my upper left. My guess was kinda correct.

They drew blood and also gave me the TDAP shot which I was a bit miffed about since I didn't have time to process it in my head.

Overall it was a good appt. I hope I pass the glucose screening. I did not feel jittery or nauseated or anything...not sure if that's a good or bad sign.
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